Eat Like a Local: 10 Dishes Every Chengdu Visitor Needs to Try

Authors: Go Chengdu


Visiting Chengdu? Don't miss these 10 foods.
Ask a group of local people what to eat while you're in the city and you'll get a plethora of responses that'll make you wonder what you might try first. We've narrowed down this choices for you. Here are 10 foods you must have a try when in Chengdu.
No 1. Rabbit Head
Rabbit head in Chengdu is a spicy snack known for its peppery flavor that has become popular in many other parts of China. One of the Discovery Channel's Bizarre Foods, it is for more adventurous eaters.
No 2. Hotpot
Chinese hotpot has a history of more than 1,000 years. Chengdu hotpot has its various styles ranging from mild, moderate, super hot, as well as fish head hotpot, medical herbs hotpot. Fans of Chengdu hotpot included former British Prime Minister David Cameron and former American First Lady Michelle Obama.
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