Big Data on Foreign Foods and Restaurants in Chengdu

Authors: Chengdu Daily


Asian food restaurants in Chengdu saw a remarkable growth in the past five years.
According to statistics from Meituan Dianping, released on May 10, the number of Asian food restaurants in Chengdu increased 8.3 times from the end of 2014 to the end of 2018. Daily visits to these restaurants in Chengdu and the growth rate of daily visits annually rank the 7th and the 4th respectively in China, indicating the passion of Chengdu people for diversified Asian food.
Japanese Restaurants Outnumber Its Counterparts
Less-known Cuisines Gain Popularity
In Chengdu, the number of Japanese restaurants accounts for 56% of Asian food restaurants, while Thai and Korean food are also very popular. The Vietnamese, Singaporean and Malay food show the fastest growth of number of online visits. What's more, the less-known cuisines like Indian and Middle-east food are attracting more attention.
Thai Hotpot Hot on List of Orders
The statistics also show that hotpot is the most popular order in online consumption around the country, accounting for 20.3% of the total. In Chengdu, which is famous for people's love of hotpot, the proportion is surprisingly as high as 40.9%.
However, people in Chengdu are not only obsessed with the local hotpot, but also the Thai style, which ranks 3rd among the Asian food.
Visit the official website of Chengdu Panda Asian Food Festival for more information:

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