【Video】FOOD FUN IN CHENGDU| Pizza with Local Flavors

Authors: Go Chengdu


In this video, Matan Malavski, from Israel, combines the local cured meat and western-style pizza.
Matan Malavski, from Israel, has been living in Chengdu for almost ten years. His passion for cooking comes from a Disney cookbook that he got in childhood.
In this video, he made a bold experiment by combining the local cured meat and western-style pizza during cooking. The Chinese and Western cooking methods got together and created a unique delicacy.
His love for Chengdu is beyond words, not only because he has a Chengdu wife, but more importantly, he has a feeling of being at home in Chengdu.

With the Chengdu Panda Asian Festival around the corner, GoChengdu.cn shoot the video series Food Fun in Chengdu, which aims at recording how new-Chengduers cook food with typical Chengdu flavors.
The first protagonist of the video is the giant panda, the second an Israeli man who marries a Chengdu girl and the third a general manager who works in a luxury hotel-Temple House in Chengdu. They are not Chengdu locals in a traditional way, but they are part of the city as "New Chengdu People".
There is a growing number of foreigners who enjoy life in the city. Their stories about food and cooking show the city's diversity and inclusiveness.
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