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Chengdu is famous host to Sichuan Cuisine, which features the bold and fanciful use of spices in creating incredible tastes.
Chengdu is famous host to Sichuan Cuisine, which features the bold and fanciful use of spices in creating incredible tastes. The city features numerous establishments serving Sichuan dishes, snacks and Hot Pot. Furthermore, excellent restaurants specializing in other cuisines, including the Western-style foods, are also popular in the city.
The local snacks in Chengdu are known for creative ingredients, skilled preparation, wide variety, and cheap prices. Tastes range from sweet and spicy to sour and hot; a range of cooking techniques are also utilized in Sichuan cuisine, including frying, stewing, baking, steaming and boiling.
Chengdu is an officially recognized UNESCO City of Gastronomy.
The concept of Chengdu cooking places much emphasis on a balanced intake of cereals, vegetables, meat, eggs, dairy products and fruits. Following the tradition of choosing easy-to-get, ecological and healthful ingredients, Chengdu cooking remains an affordable, popular and dynamic culinary culture with creative adaptations in its evolution.
The most impressive of Chengdu foods is the diversified and subtle tastes. Chengdu cooking boasts of 27 distinctive taste types, and the menu includes over 6,000 versions of dishes, snacks and hot pot blends.
Appreciating Chengdu foods is a captivating visual and gustatory experience.
One example of Sichuan cooking is the famous Mapo Tofu, cooked by using tofu, minced beef, red chili, Chinese prickly ash and other common ingredients. The dish perfectly combines the spicy, salty, numbing and refreshing elements, making it one of the most popular Sichuan dishes all around the world.
The environment and culture of Chengdu make the city a proper place of excellent foods, which in turn provide an inexhaustible source of inspiration for arts and literature. In history, literati and artists have praised Sichuan foods in their works.
Each year, Chengdu hosts various food festivals, which provide a stage for people to demonstrate cooking skills and savor all kinds of dishes and snacks.
On weekends, people in Chengdu prefer to go to Nongjiale (household catering business in rural areas) in the suburban area, where they could enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, as well as green food in the countryside.
The opening of the city and growing exchange with the world have brought in foods and cooking methods from other countries to Chengdu, together with foreign cultures and customs. A number of plazas and malls specializing in food service have emerged and become new tourist attractions in the city.
Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine, the only public college of culinary culture in China, was established in Chengdu in 1983.
Chengdu is a city of a long history and a rich cultural tradition, and Sichuan cuisine is one of the most important cultural heritages of the city.

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