Natural environment

Natural biodiversity and Land of Abundance

The city has a lot to offer — diversified terrestria ...
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History & Culture

City founding and cultural tradition

The name of the city, 成都 (Chengdu), literally means ...
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Gourmets’ paradise

Spiced up

Chengdu is famous host to Sichuan Cuisine, which fea ...
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Teahouse and leisurely life

An old Chengdu saying goes, “Sunny days are rare, bu ...
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Customs and festivals

Folk cultural activities

Grand Temple Fair Chengdu’s annual Grand Temple Fai ...
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Handicraft products

Chengdu's national ICH items

Shu Brocade and Embroidery-Chengdu is nicknamed “Jin ...
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【Video】Documentary Highlighting Chengdu’s Charm

An impressive documentary highlighting Chengdu’s cul ...
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