Literature Tradition of Chengdu

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Chengdu is known for its long tradition of literature and a large number of illustrious literary figures in history.
The literature tradition of Chengdu is believed to be an endowment of its geographic and topographic features, as well as the lasting prosperity in most of the time in history, and the picturesque landscape and distinctive culture of the city provide inexhaustible nourishment for poets, essayists, playwrights from generations to generations.
Read the literature of the city, and you understand the soul of the city.
Sima Xiangru
Sima Xiangru (179 BC - 127 BC) , is considered the greatest Fu (poetic prose) writer in the history of Chinese literature.
Sima was born in Chengdu and spent his early years in the city, where he lived with his wife, Zhuo Wenjun, at the place of the present Qintai Road in downtown Chengdu. Though a poor scholar, he rose in fame for his literary talent and received the invitation from the emperor and went to Chang'an (present Xi'an), where he served as the secretary and counselor of the emperor for the rest of his life.
Qintai Road
Du Fu
Du Fu (712 - 770) is one of the greatest poets in China. He spent four years in Chengdu in an exile during the rebellions, and settled down in a thatched cottage in western Chengdu, where he produced more than 240 oft-quoted and widely loved poems.
Du Fu's Thatched Cottage
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City founding and cultural tradition

The name of the city, 成都 (Chengdu), literally means “become a capital” in its original use. Since the character 成 (Cheng) has the implication of “achievement”, the city is often referred to as “a place for success”.

Jul 25, 2014

Festival Croisements 2014 Staged in Chengdu

As a cultural bridge linking China with France, the Festival Croisements 2014 is being held in Chengdu Starting from mid April.

Sep 22, 2014

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