Chengdu as an Incredible and Contradictory Existence

Authors: Go Chengdu


The persistence to pursue self-identity and the willingness to take in new things from the outside, are the essentials of the spirit of Chengdu.
Modern Chengdu remains as a contradictory existence with an unprecedented transformation taking place at an accelerated pace that makes the city stand away from any categorization, when the essentials of the city’s spirit — the persistence to pursue self-identity and the willingness to take in new things from the outside — play their part and give prominence to the inland city as to be a dynamic center where social and economic innovations are actively promoted and traditional culture and lifestyles are well preserved.
Modernization Move
A city with a long history of over 2,000 years, Chengdu does not rest on its glorious past but hastens its pace to catch up with the trend of globalization and modernization. The emergence of new factories, RD centers, financial institutions, and upscale shopping malls, mostly of recent years, have changed the cultural landscape of the city and exercised influence on local people.
You can still find the ancient sites under meticulous protection and the some of the old streets of cultural importance are restored or reconstructed, and local people still prefer the leisurely lifestyles, but the emerging modern industrial structure of the city and the inflowing talents from all over the world to serve as the operating part in the structure, will also have a lasting effect on changing the character of the city.
Chengdu is now the fourth busiest aviation center in China, after Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. The passenger turnover at Shuangliu International Airport — the city’s major air transportation base — was more than 17.8 million in the early half of this year. Chengdu has opened up more than 70 international aviation routes, with flights reaching Asia, Europe and North America.
The city in the hinterland of China, historically known to be an agricultural and commercial city in the country, is emerging as an important industrial base by introducing a growing number of multi-national companies in recent years. While Chengdu has strengthened its foothold as one of China’s most important electronic and IT industrial bases, it is rising as one of China’s new auto manufacturing centers, with the settlement of leading car-making enterprises from home and abroad, including Volvo.
In the first half of 2014, the GDP of Chengdu jumped to over RMB484 bl, an 8.7% increase over that of last year.
For domestic and overseas retailing giants, Chengdu holds a strategic place as the most important commercial center in central and western China, with most the world's luxury brands having their outlets in the city.
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