Modernity & Elegance
City Profile

Home of giant pandas and land of success

Chengdu is a modern metropolitan city, but tradition ...
2015-04-08 | read more

What makes Chengdu the Land of Abundance

Since ancient times Sichuan, or more specifically th ...
2014-07-25 | read more
Chengdu as an Incredible and Controversial Existence

Chengdu as an Incredible and Contradictory Existence

The persistence to pursue self-identity and the will ...
2014-12-26 | read more
Development of Traditional Art

Sichuan Embroidery

Sichuan embroidery has a history of more than 2, 000 ...
2014-12-29 | read more
Modern Art

Chongdeli: the Return of an Artist and His Spiritual Home

Wang Hai thinks he has finally found a sense of belo ...
2015-01-02 | read more

Chengdu, a city that never fails to delight

A group of photographers took 30, 000 photos to reco ...
2018-03-10 | read more

Sichuan-style Suit Catches Eyes

Chengdu mayor Luo Qiang 's dress drew a lot of atten ...
2017-09-15 | read more