Chengdu Snacks
author: GoChengdu 2019-08-30
The most renowned snacks include:
Ma La Tang: also called Chuan Chuan Xiang, vegetables, sausages, shrimps and anything edible can be threaded onto a bamboo skewer and cooked in the Hot Pot. Chuan Chuan Xiang restaurants can be found in almost every street and lane in the city.
Lai Tang Yuan (Lai's Glutinous Rice Ball): the nutritious glutinous rice ball made by Lai (Surname of the maker) is soft and sweet. Lai Tang Yuan is easy to find in Chengdu. Balls served by these stores have been well received by the Chengdu people.
Long Chao Shou (dumpling soup, or wonton): with thin skin and tender stuffing and delicious soup, the savory snack is popular among locals and tourists. You can go to Long Chao Shou Special Restaurant, with its chain stores scattered throughout the city.
Zhong Dumplings: one of the most famous traditional snacks in Chengdu. Meat is the only stuffing, the skin is chewy, putting the special red chili oil on it when you eating, and the special flavor of it is unforgettable.
Dandan noodles (noodles with spicy hot sauce): a famous snack of Chengdu, prepared by rolling the dough into noodles, boiling the noodles and then tossing with fried minced pork. With thin noodles, sweet-smelling sauce and slightly hot taste, the noodles are very tasty. This dish is widely known in Sichuan and often served as a snack at banquets.
Ice jelly: made from seeds of a kind of herb with ice, brown sugar, crushed nuts and melon seeds.
Panda-shaped pastry: the three-color dessert is made from cream and glutinous rice.
Swan-shaped muffin: the crispy fried snack is made from flour and eggs.
Bobo chicken: the sliced chicken is spicy, tongue-numbing and mouthwatering.
Bamboo fungus noodles: a luxury version of noodles, it is fresh and appetizing.
Stewed pig's trotter broth: rich in gelatin marrow, it is healthy and nutritious.