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Chengdu, as the top city in Southwest China in terms of comprehensive scientific and technological strength, is one of the most important human resources distribution centers in Western China.
Compared with other major cities in China, Chengdu not only enjoys the comparative advantage in the number of talents but also has a low cost workforce characterized by low mobility and high stability.
Total number of talent
Chengdu is an important base of talents and science & technology in western China. The total number of talents in various fields is about 3.34 million, ranking 4th among the large and medium cities of China and 1st in Western China. Among them, the total number of local professional technicians reaches 1.35 million, of which 36 are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, and 2698 specialists enjoy the special allowance of the State Council.
Talent Education & Training
Chengdu is one of the most vigorous and dynamic cities in educational reform. In terms of educational competitiveness, Chengdu ranks 1st in Central and Western China and has won the “Special Innovation Award for National Educational Reform” twice. There are 52 universities in Chengdu, including Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Southwest Jiaotong University, and Southwestern University of Finance and Economics with over 686,000 enrolled students. And there are more than 100 technical and vocational schools (technical secondary schools, vocational high school, technical schools, etc.) in Chengdu with over 280,000 students. All of these schools and universities are able to provide enterprises with at least 150,000 graduates and 100,000 technicians every year. There are also over 180 available internship centers for graduates of universities.
Talent Service Institutions
Chengdu has 21 public service organizations under the government, among which China Chengdu Human Resources Market is a regional one of the national level. There are 951 private intermediary talent (human resource) service institutions. Various intermediary talent (human resource) service institutions are constantly expanding services in fields of talent communication, talent consultancy, talent recommendation, talent training, HR outsourcing, and talent dispatching. The service functions of the market are continually being improved.
Platform for Innovation and Start-ups
Chengdu now possesses 36 R&D platforms such as national key laboratories, engineering & technological research centers and enterprise technology centers, 24 national scientific and technological industrial bases (parks) in software, integrated circuit design and new energy equipment, 4 national university-based scientific and technological parks, and 9 national scientific and technological enterprise incubators with a total incubation area of over 1.5 million m2, and the innovation and incubation level are in front ranks in China; Chengdu has organized the Chengdu Technology Transfer Group, which is a leading one in China, industrial institutes and R&D centers for internet of things in such industries as new energy, new material, automobile, etc, and the research and development ability of industrial technologies are enhanced obviously; there are already 56 public technology innovation (service) platforms.
Labor Cost
Employee insurance and proportion of welfare expenses paid by enterprises in Chengdu
Social Insurance
Proportion of Payment by Enterprises
Proportion of Individual Payment
Endowment insurance
Urban employees
20% (including town individual businesses with employees: 12%)
Workers with Chengdu household registration certificates covered by former comprehensive insurance
Basic medical insurance
Urban employees
Workers with Chengdu household registration certificates covered by former comprehensive insurance
2011: 3.5%; 2012: 4.5%; 2013: 5.5%; 2014: 6.5%
Unemployment insurance
1%(excluding peasant workers)
Occupational injury insurance
Basic charge rate is determined as per specific industries (Category 1-0.6%, Category 2-1.2%, Category 3-2%).
Exempt from payment
Maternity insurance
Exempt from payment
Supplementary medical insurance for serious disease
Exempt from payment
Housing fund
Proportion of payment for organizations with financial appropriation, state-owned enterprises and state holding enterprises
Proportion of payment for other organizations
1. The base of all social insurances is an individual’s average wage of last month; while the base of housing fund is individual’s average monthly wage of last year;
2. The above figures are for 2012 and may be subject to changes.
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