Two-day Trip Destinations around Chengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


Go into the suburbs of Chengdu and you’ll be impressed by the enchanting sights, the ancient towns, theme museums, hills and rivers, and of course the colorful customs with distinct local flavors.
Destination 1: Mt. Emei ― Grand Buddha
As one of China's "Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains", Emei Shan (Mt. Emei) has lush vegetation, cloud-shrouded peaks and refreshing alpine scenery.
The Giant Buddha in Leshan City, not far from Mt. Emei, is the world's largest stone Buddha statue. It was carved during Tang Dynasty (618-907) and the project lasted for about 90 years. As early as 1996, Mt. Emei and the Giant Buddha were listed as UNESCO's World Natural and Cultural Heritages.
Traffic: 157km away from downtown Chengdu; visitors can take the high-speed train in Chengdu East Railway Station; the journey takes about 100 minutes to get to Mt. Emei (ticket: RMB65).
Emei Mountain: RMB185 (February ― October), RMB110 (December ― January); Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Spot: RMB90.
Links: Mt. Emei
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