Spring Outing in Xinjin

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Spring has sprung. White, bright yellow, pink ... Currently Chengdu’s countryside is being tinted in the beautiful colors of spring. Blossoms including pear flowers, canola flowers and azaleas are in full bloom in the city’s suburbs. All local towns, districts and counties are staging celebrations to welcome spring.

Just about one-hour drive from downtown Chengdu, Xinjin County in the city’s south is one of the best places for a spring outing and viewing the flowers. Now the 16th Xinjin International Pear Blossoms Festival and the 8th Xinjin Azaleas Festival (in Huawu Renjian) are being hosted and will last till May 6.
Lihuaxi, A Sea of White Blossoms
The Lihuaxi is a very popular tourist attraction in spring. Thousands of pear trees planted on a vast expanse of fields burst into full bloom in early spring, which makes the site a sea of the white blossoms.

The pear blossoms festival staged in Lihuaxi always draws huge crowds of visitors every year to enjoy the spring scenery. The event also offers a variety of cultural and recreational activities such as photography contest, micro-film shooting competition and rustic food experience. The best time to enjoy pear blossoms here is March and April.
Huawu Renjian (Flower Dance World): Its Air is Drugged with Azalea Blossoms
Located in the southern suburbs of Xinjin, the Huawu Renjian is only about 30 kilometers away from downtown Chengdu. There are more than 200 species of spring flowers planted in the park covering 1,214 hectares. The azaleas with basic colors including pink, red, yellow and white make an excellent landscape in the site.
1. New sub-venues (Guanyin Temple and Naya Manor Resort) and more activities. This year the programs and activities to be held during the events will be increased to over 60 from 40 last year.
2. Tourist infrastructure upgraded: Traffic infrastructure inside and around Lihuaxi has been updated and the site has offered optimal tour itineraries for visitors.
3. Thematic programs involving photography, micro-film shooting, social networking, essay contest, food experience are to be held during the events.

Suggested Itineraries for Viewing Flowers:
1. Xinjin East Exit (Puxing Exit) of Chengdu-Ya'an Expressway —— Xinpu Road —— Xinjin Tianyuan Muge Ecological Park —— Jin'gangwan —— Laomaotou —— Laojun Mountain —— Huawu Renjian (Flower Dance World) —— Guanyin Temple
2. Shiyangchang in Downtown Chengdu —— Mushan Avenue (Dajian Road) —— Xinjin County —— Jin'gangwan —— Laomatou —— Laojun Mountain —— Huawu Renjian (Flower Dance World) —— Lihuaxi —— Guanyin Temple
3. Chengdu Caojin Flyover —— Chengdu-Xinjin-Pujiang Fast Track —— Banzhulin, Gutengbao, Xiangsheng Farmland —— Xinjin County —— Jin'gangwan —— Laomatou —— Laojun Mountain —— Huawu Renjian (Flower Dance World) —— Lihuaxi —— Guanyin Temple
4. Xinjin South Exit (Dengshuang Exit) of Chengdu-Ya'an Expressway —— Lihuaxi —— Minjiang Avenue —— "Back to Atlantis" Park —— Huawu Renjian (Flower Dance World) —— Jin'gangwan —— Laomaotou —— Xinpu Road —— Laojunshan —— Guanyin Temple
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