Rural Scenery and Flower Sights in Gexian Mountain

Authors: Lina Cui


The 12th Rural Scenery and Flower Sights Festival of Gexian Mountain kicked off on March 20 in Pengzhou City.

Amid cheers and the setting off of fireworks, the 12th Rural Scenery and Flower Sights Festival of Gexian Mountain kicked off on March 20 in Pengzhou City in northern Chengdu.

Pengzhou City is one of the major areas for peony planting in China, and the Gexian Mountain alone boasts a peony farming area of over 400 hectares, while a large expansion of the planting area has been proposed.

About 60 km away from Chengdu downtown, Gexian Mountain is the core area of the Longmen Mountain National Geopark, which has the vestiges of the Glacial Age. The area is noted for idyllic scenery, Taoist temples, forests, flower and gardening industry, and various relics of cultural importance.

Gexian Mountain is one of the most popular sites around Chengdu for spring outings and flower appreciation. And the festival of this year highlights the tours in the Flower Valley and the Sea of Pear Blossoms in Xiyu Village, apart from the conventional programs such as windmill sights, bonsai, karting, CS, grass skiing, cliff climbing, hiking, and rural activities.

Local delicacies will make the trip a more rewarding experience, since you can have dishes of cold-water fish, goose intestines, marinated chicken and goose, pancakes and sesame cakes and so on. Cycling in the sea of flowers, and especially the balloon riding for a bird's eye view of the landscape, will give the best spring time for you and your family.


Self drive: Chengdu-Pengzhou Highway (Chengpeng Road) — Pengzhou City — Mudan Avenue — Shihua Avenue — Huayuan Road — Gexian Mountain Tourist Spot

Bus: Chengdu North Station — Pengzhou Passenger Transportation Station. Take bus 115 to the terminal station at Nanmu.

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