Ride Steam Train to Enjoy Spring Scenery

Authors: Go Chengdu


The best season to take the steam train is in spring, when rapeseed flowers and paulownia blossoms are in full bloom.
Appreciating blooming rapeseed blossoms amid rhythmic sounds made by an old-fashioned steam train running slowly through bright yellow flower fields on rolling hills is really great fun in spring. The interesting and nostalgic experience is offered in Jianyang Mining Area, Qianwei County in southwest Sichuan’s Leshan City.
The Jiayang steam train, propelled by a steam engine, one of the world’s greatest technological inventions in the 18th century and have already replaced by modern motive power machine, is still in normal operation. It is believed that the train is now the one and only of its kind in operation in China (even in the world). Though steam engines have faded away from people’s memory, the Jiayang steam train, running on a 19.48-kilometer narrow gauge railway, is used as a traffic means for local residents and for gorgeous sightseeing of visitors. On spring days, the trip by the century-old train is highly popular with home and overseas tourists.

When rapeseed flowers and paulownia blossoms are in full bloom, thousands of visitors swarm here from near and far. They are captivated by the beautiful flowers, the picturesque terraced fields, the locally-styled farm houses, the breath-taking mountains and valleys, and the roaring whistle of the train.

Tour Tips:
1. The train tickets can be purchased at the station’s booking office in Shixi Township, Qianwei County.
2. Four shifts of the train are offered daily at 6:00, 9:30, 14:00 and 17:30. On the way, the train stops at eight stations and a round trip takes about two and a half hours.
3. Group tickets can only be made available to travel agencies.
4. It’s better to go there on weekdays because there are too many visitors on weekends.
Firstly to Leshan City, and then drive along the National Highway 213 to Qianwei Bridge. Cross it and turn right to Shixi Township,from which you just need a short drive to the train station.
By bus:
The Shiyang Bus Station and Xinnanmen Tourist Distribution Center in downtown Chengdu offer direct bus service to Qianwei.
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