Time-honored Food Brands in Chengdu

Zhanglaowu Starch Jelly

A traditional fast food, Zhanglaowu Starch Jelly is ...
2016-01-28 | read more

Haozidong Zhang Duck

Zhangcha Duck (duck smoked with camphorwood and tea ...
2016-01-06 | read more

Han's Baozi (Steam Stuffed Bun) Restaurant

The Han's Baozi (Steam Stuffed Bun) Restaurant was r ...
2015-06-03 | read more

Lai Tang Yuan

As one of the most famous and popular local snack br ...
2015-05-02 | read more

Long Chao Shou

Titled a “China Time-honored Brand”, the Chengdu Lon ...
2015-04-23 | read more