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Authors: Go Chengdu


Shift your focus from luxury hotels and restaurants to street corners and you may have surprise finds for an epicurean experience.
Xiang Xiang Alley
Xiang Xiang Alley is another food area in Chengdu. Contrary to Kuan Zhai Alleys, Xiang Xiang Alley has attracted more local people rather than just tourists. It is on Wangping Street, and this street also has restaurants on both sides. Every restaurant in Xiang Xiang Alley is unique.
He Xiaoxian Traveling Hotpot 何小仙旅游火锅铺
Unlike the traditional hotpot restaurant with greasy tables and oily walls, this restaurant is much cleaner and reminds some people of a dessert shop. The spices of the hotpot here are not as strong as other restaurants. He Xiaoxian has 57 dishes, freshly made every day. The cow stomach is the signature dish that one must have a try.
Recommended Dishes: cow stomach, pork kidney, spicy beef, rose flavored water
Price level: RMB90/person
Address: No. 6 Wangping Street, Xiang Xiang Alley
Tel: +86 028 64261080
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