Traditional Chinese Festival
Chinese New Year

List of Winners and Answers to Spring Festival in Chengdu Quiz

Congratulations! We’re pleased to inform you that yo ...
2018-02-28 | read more

6th Day of Chinese Lunar New Year

The day to join in the Du Fu Culture Festival ...
2018-02-24 | read more

5th Day of Chinese Lunar New Year

A day of warding off five ghosts and business resumi ...
2018-02-24 | read more

4th Day of Chinese Lunar New Year

People would go out to watch dragon dances and lion ...
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Dragon Boat Festival

Zongzi and Dragon Boat Festival

Have Zongzi for Dragon Boat Festival! ...
2017-05-30 | read more

First Touch of Dragon Boat Festival

A cluster of young foreigners in Chengdu on May 23 h ...
2017-05-27 | read more

Interesting Customs of Dragon Boat Festival in Chengdu

How much do you know about the traditional customs o ...
2016-06-07 | read more

Zongzi and Dragon Boat Festival

Zongzi is the most popular food of during the Dragon ...
2015-06-26 | read more
Mid-autumn Festival

Places to View the Moon in Chengdu

Appreciate the full, bright moon at one of the place ...
2017-10-04 | read more

Join in GoChengdu DIY Creative Mooncake Activity and Get Gifts

The Mid-autumn Festival (Mooncake Festival is coming ...
2016-08-04 | read more

Places for Appreciating the Moon in/around Chengdu

A traditional custom in China to celebrate the Mid-a ...
2015-09-25 | read more

Sending Your Best Mid-autumn Festival Greetings to Your Families or Friends via

Do you have any relative and/or friend in Chengdu? A ...
2015-09-22 | read more
Double Seventh Festival

Celebrating Qixi in Chengdu

Foreigners in Chengdu took part in the celebration o ...
2017-08-31 | read more

Experience Traditional Chinese Culture on Qixi

Dating on Qixi, a program organized by ...
2017-08-29 | read more

How to Send Flowers on Romantic Days

Flowers, lovely flowers, always make girls happy! ...
2017-08-28 | read more

【Video】We celebrate Qixi in Chengdu

No matter you are single or have someone you love, c ...
2017-08-27 | read more

5th Day of Chinese Lunar New Year

A day of warding off five ghosts and resuming busine ...
2017-02-01 | read more

Double Ninth Festival

The Double Ninth Festival, or Chongyang Festival, is ...
2016-10-09 | read more