Upcoming Events on Weekends

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Find current upcoming events and have fun on weekends.
The 14th Paulaner Oktoberfest
Time: Sept.6-13
Venue: Kempinski Hotel, #42 South Renmin Road
The 14th Oktoberfest is coming! The 8-day festival will bring you fresh home-brewed beer, Bavarian delicacies and special Sichuan BBQ with the accompaniment of German beats from the famous Alpenrocker band.
Spring Wave Music and Art Festival
Time: Sept.9-10
Venue: Weiran Flower Sea (Tong'an Town, Longquanyi District)
One of the largest outdoor music events in Asia, the Spring Wave Music and Art Festival will be held Sept. 9-10 with the participation of top singers or musician groups including Jam Hsiao and his group Lion, David Huang with ECHO, Chang Csun Yuk, Cheer and MC Hotdog.
World DanceSport Festival 2017
Time: Sept.9-10
Venue: Dujiangyan Feilong Gymnasium
The World DanceSport Festival 2017 is to take place Sept. 9-10 at Dujiangyan Feilong Gymnasium in northwestern Chengdu's Dujiangyan City and more than 1,000 contestants from about 50 countries and regions will make presence at the event.
Dive into the Sky Sound and Fury x Shape in Silence
Time: Sept.9
Venue: NUSPACE, #55 Kuixinglou Street, Qingyang District
Ticket: RMB50 (RSVP), RMB70 (Site)
Formed in March 2011, the Chengdu-based band shows the influence of the shoegaze and uses sounds to express their ideas about this colorful, chaotic and restless world.
Do Hits Exodus Tour Show
Time: Sept.8
Venue: NUSPACE, #55 Kuixinglou Street, Qingyang District
Ticket: RMB60 (RSVP), RMB80 (Site)
This time Do Hits is bringing some of the best artists, NYC-based Yllis, Alex Wang and Meuko! Meuko! with their brilliant live to set off on the 4-city tour.
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