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Find current upcoming events and have fun on weekends.
MDSK Music Festival
Time: Sept.2-3
Venue: International Intangible Cultural Heritage Park
The MDSK Music Festival, the first large-scale of its kind in China, is to be staged Sept. 2-3 at International Intangible Cultural Heritage Park in western Chengdu.
A new brand of the Modern Sky, China's leading indie music entertainment company, the Festival is to bring Hiphop fans together to share the world's latest hip hop trends.
Gavin & Aryana Live Concert
Time: Sept.2
Venue: Bookworm, East Yujie Road, #28, 4th Section of South Renmin Road
Gavin has been playing on the music scene in Chengdu for the last six years, writing and performing original songs as well as putting his own unique stamp on covers. Aryana is a Persian classical guitarist, who came to China to pursue a degree in classical guitar at Sichuan Conservatory of Music.
Waquan Band Live Show
Time: Sept.2
Venue: NUSPACE, #55 Kuixinglou Street, Qingyang District
Ticket: RMB50 (RSVP), RMB80 (Site)
Waquan Band from northwestern China's Lanzhou City was founded in 2003 and has a music style that fuses Northwest melodies with the heavier side of psych rock.
Keep the Taste of Summer
Time: Sept.3
Venue: 4F Capital Land, Tianren Road, Hi-Tech Zone
The magic mix of cheese, mashed potatoes and vegetables of various colors to bring a new experience to the taste buds and keep the taste of summer.
Let's Party: Music Fair at No.35 Hongxing Road
Time: Sept.2
Venue: Cultural and Creative Industrial Park, #35 Hongxing Road, Jinjiang District
Find yourself in music this weekend, with musicians from local communities.
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As a well-known transportation hub and tourist city, Chengdu is famous for its extensive transportation system as it is the communication junction of Southwest China and the gateway to Tibet. Conveniently connected to over 100 domestic and international airports, Chengdu is accessible from and to almost all the major countries in the world.

Jul 24, 2014

Buddhist and Taoist cultures

Daci Monastery in downtown Chengdu, very close to Chunxi Road, was first built during the Wei and Jin dynasties about 1,600 years ago, with its cultural height during the Tang and Song dynasties, when it gained the reputation as “the largest Buddhist congregation” in China and occupied a far greater area than its size of today. The monastery houses a large number of relics and was the place for the monkhood initiation of Xuanzang (602-664), a Buddhist monk, traveler and translator of Buddhist classics.

Jul 25, 2014