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Find current upcoming events and have fun on weekends.
2017 STORM Electronic Music Festival
Time: Aug.12-13
Venue: Oriental Beauty Park, Jinjiang District
Chengdu is to experience a tidal wave of electronic music from the Budweiser STORM Music Festival, which will kick off, with Chengdu as its first stop of the annual tour, at Oriental Beauty Park, Aug. 12-13. Big names of electronic music in the world, including Far East Movement, Showtek and Kura, will make presence at the event.
Rafting at Hongkou
Time: July 20-Oct.7
Venue: Hongkou Scenic Spot, Longchi Town, Dujiangyan City
During the ongoing 2017 Dujiangyan (Hongkou) International Rafting Festival at the Hongkou Scenic Spot in northwest Chengdu's Dujiangyan City, you can raft in the Baisha River and take part in colorful activities, such as bikini show, water gun games and camping.
Midsummer Spatial Art Week at Kuanzhai Alleys
Time: Aug.12-20
Venue: Kuanzhai Alleys
The Midsummer Spatial Art Week 2017 featuring performance art, music show, electronic interactive and graffiti, will open on Aug. 12 at the Kuanzhai Alleys (Wide & Narrow Alleys) in downtown Chengdu. Artists from home and abroad will offer an amazing art feast to locals and visitors.
Music Show of Green Skin, Morse Code, The Odd
Time: Aug.12
Venue: NUSPACE, #55 Kuixinglou Street, Qingyang District
Ticket: RMB50 (RSVP), RMB70 (Site)
The second coming of the newly formed Chengdu Band Alliance sees a lineup of three local rock bands.
Gavin & Aryana Live Concert
Time: Aug.11
Venue: Bookworm, East Yujie Road, #28, 4th Section of South Renmin Road
Gavin has been playing on the music scene in Chengdu for the past six years, writing and performing original songs as well as putting his own unique stamp on covers. Aryana is a Persian classical guitarist, who started studying classical guitar at the age of four. He came to China to pursue a degree in classical guitar at Sichuan Conservatory of Music.
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