Upcoming Events on Weekends

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Find current upcoming events and have fun on weekends.

Drink Mutton Soup

People in Chengdu like to drink mutton soup in winter. The delicious mutton dishes are also popular.

The 13th Jianyang Mutton Tourism Festival offers such interesting activities as the food carnival, tea culture experience, mutton tasting and hiking.

Jianyang City

Dec.21, 2016—Jan.19, 2017

Enjoy Hot Spring

It is so nice to enjoy a relaxing hot spring bath in the season. The 3rd Baoshan Ice, Snow & Hot Spring Carnival, now held at Baoshan Village in northern Chengdu's Pengzhou City, provides five wonderful activities including the beauty contest, ice and snow sports, hot spring spa, ice karting races and photography competition for visitors.

Baoshan Village, Pengzhou City

Dec.18, 2016—Feb.28, 2017

Experience Chengdu's Hotpot Culture

During the ongoing 2016 Chengdu Hotpot Culture Month, about 1, 000 hotpot restaurants of 200 brands across the city offer discounts to consumers.

Many creative activities, including the hotpot-themed micro film show, release of a hand-drawn map of hotpot restaurants in the city and postcards about the food, as well as a contest for makers from the local hotpot restaurants are now in full swing.

Downtown Chengdu

Dec.28, 2016—Jan.15, 2017

Josef Achrer: Theory of Dataism

The L-Art Gallery presents Josef Achrer's solo exhibition: Theory of Dataism. The artist's new paintings and installations in "from the data series" reveal the artist's thoughts and explorations in media and artistic language in recent years.

West C1, Tianfu Software Park

Dec.22, 2016—Jan.15, 2017

SAYA Embrace Project Annual Exhibition

SAYA Embrace Project Annual Exhibition will present 38 pieces of art works of painting, photography, performance art, sculpture and installation art etc, each of which is full of energy and the expectations of the awarded artists. The exhibition presents the new practice and exploration in art language of the younger generations.

Chengdu MOCA

Jan. 14-22

Weekend Sichuan Folk Arts Show

The Weekend Sichuan Folk Arts Show was premiered on Jan. 3 at the Sichuan Opera Theater of Sichuan Province. The Show will be staged at 14:30 on Saturday.

Jan 07, 2015

Mountain Biking in Bay's Eyes

“At weekends, together with some friends, I always cycle around the city's suburbs to breathe fresh air and feel the natural beauty," said Bay.

May 02, 2015

Where to Have a Cool, Calm Respite on Weekends

The numerous quiet, picturesque and unpolluted villages, not far from downtown Chengdu, provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of the urban life on the weekend days.

Jun 23, 2016

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