Upcoming Events on Weekends

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Find current upcoming events and have fun on weekends.

2016 Inter-Chamber Christmas Dinner Party

Time: 18:00-23:00, Dec.10

Location: Crowne Plaza Chengdu City Center

Ticket: RMB500/person

Christmas decorations, fancy wines, a great dinner, live music, and various lucky draw prizes. AmCham is excited to invite you to join this year's Inter-Chamber Christmas Charity Event: Bad Santa. They believe this year's holiday celebration will be the most exciting party yet.

SHIFT Day #2

Time: Dec.10-11

Location: Shuijingtang, #1Jinguanyi Street, Jinjiang District

Join the SHIFT team for two-day activities led by trainers and instructors from all over the world.

CA1XR to The Milky Way

Time: Dec.9

Location: #55 Kuixinglou Street, Qingyang District

Ticket: RMB30/person (RSVP), RMB50/person (SITE)

Get ready. Chengdu producer CA1XR will set off a new travel to the Milky Way, from House to Indietronica, an exploration into an uncharted black universe. Upbeat, original electronica, analog hardware and live visuals.

Weekend Tea-Tasting

Time: 14:00-18:00, Dec.11

Location: Chengdu Inn, #3-9 Paotongshu Street, Qingyang District

Tea is to Sichuan is what wine is to Burgundy or beer is to Bavaria: a cultural logo, a dietary staple, something that inspires tremendous local pride.

Paotong Yaji Teahouse will offer you a comfortable environment and gather more tea lovers. You can share your story about tea with others, and make friends with them.

Chengdu Kiwi Fruit Festival

Time: Oct.14-Dec.31

Location: Pujiang County

It is the harvest season for the kiwi fruit in Pujiang County in southwestern Chengdu. The 9th Chengdu Kiwi Fruit Festival is being staged in the county and will last till the end of December. During the event, many activities including kiwi picking tour will be provided to visitors.

Upcoming Events on Weekends

Find current upcoming events and have fun on weekends.

Nov 25, 2016

Upcoming Events on Weekends

Find current upcoming events and have fun on weekends.

Dec 02, 2016

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