Most Popular Biking Routes in Chengdu

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What makes Chengdu the most cycling-friendly city in the country?
Chengdu topped major cities in China in terms of bike-friendly environment in the third quarter, followed by Beijing, Xiamen, Shenzhen and Shanghai, according to an official report released on Oct. 10. This is the second time the city held the first place on the list.
What makes Chengdu the most cycling-friendly city in the country?

Favorable Natural Environment

First, Chengdu is located in a plain where residents enjoy commuting by bike and the bike sharing service finds an advantageous environment.

Policy Support

More importantly, Chengdu has been making unremitting efforts to push up the development of the bike sharing sector. Since early this year, the city has adopted measures to encourage the development of the industry as a way to promote low-carbon commuting and green urban life. The city is the first in the country to release such a government document.

Biking-friendly Infrastructure

What's more, local government announced on Sept.1 an ambitious plan to build a spreading-out greenway network that will connect most of the urban areas of Chengdu.
So now let us have a look of some popular biking routes in the city.
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Mountain Biking in Bay's Eyes

“At weekends, together with some friends, I always cycle around the city's suburbs to breathe fresh air and feel the natural beauty," said Bay.

May 02, 2015

Anlong Bike Tour

Mark Takefman organizes a bike tour to Anlong Village every month, in order to make the community grow healthier and safe.

Apr 09, 2016

Sharing-bikes a New Way of Green Transport

The sharing-bikes has recently caused a swirl among new generations in the city, providing them a new alternative to get to short-distance sites instead of walking or taking a taxi.

Dec 21, 2016

Metro + Sharing Bike Theme Card to be Issued

The metro+sharing bike theme card will be issued on this Sunday.

Mar 12, 2017

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