City in Water: Watch Chengdu from a New Angle

Authors: Go Chengdu


Such a fabulous city in water.
Such a fabulous city in water: the reflection of buildings, bridges and strolling people, and swimming fish — all the wonderful views in water will give you special feelings towards the city.
About the author:
Peng Ge, also named Bay, is now a photographer for the website Majoring in film studies at university, he has dedicated his time to telling stories about the city by his camera. A Chengdu native, he loves the city and hopes to use his photos to help more people from the world know more about his hometown.

Chengdu's Buildings in Antoine Galichet’s Eyes

Buildings tell us stories of a city's past, present and tomorrow.

Jul 07, 2015

Wangjianglou Park

The park, located on the south bank of Jinjiang River, is famed for its cultural relics and a large collection of rare bamboos.

Jul 28, 2015

Anshun Bridge

The Anshun Bridge is located over the Jinjiang River and it is a popular eating location in the city.

Oct 09, 2015

Happy Valley Amusement Park

Located in Jinniu District in Chengdu's northwestern urban area, Chengdu Happy Valley Amusement Park is the largest amusement facility in western China.

Jun 01, 2015

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