Chengdu's Buildings in Antoine Galichet’s Eyes

Authors: Go Chengdu


Buildings tell us stories of a city's past, present and tomorrow.
“Between tradition and modernity, Chengdu, with diverse urban surroundings, has many faces to show and many stories to tell,” said Antoine Galichet, the photographer of the pictures.

About the photographer:

Antoine Galichet, a Frenchmen who has worked as an art & web designer, as well as a culinary photographer for a long time.
It was in 2009 when Antoine discovered Chengdu for the first time, and not long after that (in 2010), he published an album titled Chengdu in France with his father who is also a photographer.
Since he first visited China, he has gained several photography awards, including the International Award of Photography in Paris.
Wechat: Sanbonmatsu48
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