Chengdu Tianfu New City

The Tianfu New District is a sweeping and ambitious project that aims to become accelerate Chengdu’s development toward a modern, international, environmentally-sound metropolis conducive to finance, trade and living. The new district is a huge swath of land linking the prosperous southern end of the city with several smaller satellite towns, transforming the whole area into a “city within a city” that will house major global finance firms, the Tianfu Software Park, several incubation centers for IT and bio-chemical-related endeavors, the world’s largest stand-alone building, and one of the most beautiful contemporary art centers in China, designed by Zaha Hadid.

Geographically, the Tianfu New District encompasses the southern part of the Chengdu High-Tech Development Zone, the Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone, the Southwest Airport Economic Development Zone, the Pengshan Economic Development Zone, and the Renshou Meishan Shigao Economic Development Zone.

Its notable natural topography includes Longquan Lake, Three Forks Lake, and Longquan Mountain. Tianfu contains a total of three sub-cities, seven counties, and thirty-seven towns and neighborhoods. About 81% of the Tianfu New Area overlaps with Chengdu’s municipal boundaries.

Several top-level and multi-billion dollar industrial facilities and clusters are currently under construction in Tianfu New District, according to the Chengdu Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

Tianfu New District is now, and through 2015, undergoing its initial launch and rapid growth phase, with a means of providing an international platform for the national-level Chengdu High-Tech Development Zone. Its basic infrastructural support is already conducive to the accelerated growth of the manufacturing and services industries located within the multiple development zones within the district. Tianfu’s directors hope to grow it into an industrial sister city to Chengdu by 2020, and to transform it into a modern residential and commercial city by 2030. See below for a Google Map of the Tianfu New District: