Chengdu Foreign Investment

At the end of 2011, 207 of the world’s top 500 enterprises had a presence in Chengdu, making the city the first choice among domestic and foreign enterprises looking to invest in Western China. Chengdu attracted the most foreign capita from the largest export and multinational corporations to invest among all the western cities.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has played a huge role in catapulting Chengdu’s economy to the top of the charts in China. Major investments by large firms may not match ongoing government stimulus in terms of raw numbers, but the presence of a respected company, and their willingness to drop billions into this emerging market signals a confidence in the direction that Chengdu is headed.

Simply put, FDI attracts more FDI.

According to an article in the Chengdu Daily, more than $590 million of FDI poured into the Chengdu economy during the first half of this year, and at least $1 billion more was put to concrete use.

FDI spanned all of Chengdu’s major pillar industries and saw growth across the board. A recent Financial Times poll, quotes in the China Daily, ranked the  top 10 Asia-Pacific Cities of the Future 2011-12 for foreign direct investments. Those cities include Singapore, Melbourne (Australia), Hong Kong (China), Brisbane (Australia), Sydney(Australia), Pusan (South Korean), Auckland (New Zealand), Perth (Australia), Guangzhou (China) and Chengdu (China).

The four Asian cities—Hong Kong, Pusan, Guangzhou and Chengdu claimed the third, sixth, ninth, and tenth place respectively. Chengdu was the only inland Chinese city on the list. For more information on how to invest in Chengdu, contact us through our submission form or alternatively head to the Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone investment information page.