Historical and Cultural Tour around Chengdu

Chengdu features the diversity and co-existence of cultural elements that highlight the unique and attractive history and culture of the city.


Chengdu is one of the ten ancient capitals of China with a civilization spanning thousands of years.
In the 13th century, Marco Polo first traveled Chengdu and wrote "Chengdu (成都,literally 'The Capital City' in the Chinese language) is a magnificent city, just as its name indicates."
Chengdu has experienced 4,500 years of changes in its culture, history, art, nature, cuisine and customs, leaving rich heritage and valuable treasures to the present time.


Chengdu has numerous tourist attractions, in particular the national level scenic spots and historical and cultural sites. There are many famous scenic spots in urban and suburban Chengdu and the neighboring areas, which record historical change and preserve cultural heritage.


Cultural industrial projects such as Eastern Suburb Memory and U37 Factory are witnesses of the changes in Chengdu in modern times. Much of the culture and heritage of Chengdu can be found in the city's museums, libraries, theaters and art galleries.


Diverse Culture

A historical and cultural tour in and around Chengdu would be a rewarding experience
for you to learn more about local history and life styles.


Ancient Shu culture

Water conservancy culture

Silk road culture

Three-Kingdoms culture

Things to do during the cultural tour

Sichuan opera

Sichuan opera is an important part of Chengdu culture. Acts or stunts like "face changing变脸", "fire spitting喷火" and "Rolling Light滚灯"have developed a school of its own. The libretto of Sichuan Opera is humorous and flush with vivid expressions and local characteristics.


Tea drinking

Drinking tea is an age-old custom among Sichuan people and this is why tea houses flourish everywhere in the province. All the tea houses are rich in local culture, featuring low cost and considerate service.


Routes of the cultural tour in downtown Chengdu