Loquat Picking Tour
2017.05.01 - 2017.06.30
Suburban Chengdu
It is harvest time for loquat fruit in suburban Chengdu. Here is a quick guide to the best places to enjoy a countryside tour and picking the fresh, sweet and juicy fruit rich in vitamins in the orchards on the outskirts.
Longquanyi District
As one of the country's famous fruit production and export bases, Longquanyi produces more than 20 kinds of fruits each year, including juicy peach, loquat, grape and navel orange. The places ideal for loquat picking in the district include Pipa Gou (枇杷沟), Baigong Yan Park (百工堰) and Longquan Lake (龙泉湖).
Shuangliu District
Taiping Town (太平镇)
The town's history of loquat planting can date back to the Han Dynasty (202BC—220AD), which is called the Hometown of Loquat.
Yongxing Town (永兴镇)
The town is adjacent to Taiping, and also a main producing area of loquat.
Huanglongxi Town (黄龙溪)
On the way to Huanglongxi, a famous scenic spot, there are some loquat farms offering loquat picking service.
Jintang County
Mt. Yunding (云顶山)
The loquat in orchards on the mountain is cheaper than that picked in other places.
Qingbaijiang District
Sanyuan Village (三元村) of Renhe Township (人和乡) & Fuhong Town (福洪镇)
It is said that people can pick fresh loquats sitting under loquat trees here.
Jianyang City
Loquats produced by Jiajia, Wuzhi and Wuxing townships are of high quality and high output.
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