Events during the New Year in Chengdu
2016.12.31 - 2017.01.02
If you are in the city during the 3-day New Year holiday, you can go to see and do the things below with your families and friends. Best wishes to you all.
Visit Dunhuang Caves in Chengdu Museum
A large exhibition featuring the Dunhuang art and cultural relics from the ancient Silk Road are being staged at the Chengdu Museum showcasing eight magnificent replicas of the Mogao Caves, murals, sculptures, and so on.
Cultural Relics Exhibition at Yongling Museum
Four pieces of first-class national relics and nine three-class ones excavated from Yongling (also known as The Royal Tomb of Wang Jian) and collected by the Sichuan Museum are being displayed in the Yongling Museum.
Music Concert
2017 Chengdu New Year Outdoor Concert
12 Theme Activities
122 Performances during the 3-Day Event
The Chengdu New Year Outdoor Concert season will be unveiled with best wishes to all.
Hot Pot Month
Experience Hot Pot Culture in Chengdu
During the ongoing 2016 Chengdu Hot Pot Culture Month, about 1,000 restaurants of 200 hot pot brands across the city offer discounts to consumers.