33rd Chengdu Hibiscus Show

Hibiscus is the city flower of Chengdu. ...

Enjoy a Happy Holiday in Chengdu

What will you do during the 8-day national ho ...

Experience Old Time Chengdu at Wide & Narrow Alleys

A theme event featuring Chengduer’s lifestyle ...

Discover Germany

You can visit an exhibition showing German br ...

14th Food & Tour Festival of Chengdu

The 7th Slow Food International Congress and ...

22nd Chengdu Bamboo Culture Festival

The 22nd Chengdu Bamboo Culture Festival to b ...

2017 Chengdu Kiwi Fruit Festival

It is the harvest season for the kiwi fruit in Pujiang County in southwest Chengdu.

2017-08-26 to 2017-10-31

Picking Grapes and Barbecuing at Baosheng Village

Tasting fresh grapes, watching cultural performances, barbecuing, playing funny games and watching movies outdoors ...

2017-08-18 to 2017-08-27

Grape Picking Tour in Suburban Chengdu

In vineyards in suburban Chengdu, various species of grapes have got ripe and turned purplish red, deep purple or bright green.

2017-07-16 to 2017-09-30

Grape Picking Tour at Xinmin Town

The 5th Xinmin Grape Picking Festival is underway at the Xinmin Town of northern Chengdu’s Xindu District.

2017-07-28 to 2017-08-31

Crape Myrtle Viewing Tour in Juntun

Summer, the season for lotus viewing, is also the the right time to appreciate crape myrtle flowers.

2017-07-22 to 2017-09-22

Night at Chengdu Museum

Here is an opportunity to tour Chengdu Museum at 19:00-21:00 on July 21, where the exhibition The Imperial Palace: Treasures of the Peterhof State Museum Reserve is being held.


We Are All Smurfs! World Tour

When Smurfs meet panda and red pepper in Chengdu, what will happen? Come and watch the art exhibition We Are All Smurfs! being staged at Chengdu IFS, you will get the answer.

2017-07-14 to 2017-09-10

Li Bing Culture International Tourism Festival

The 2017 Dujiangyan·Li Bing Culture International Tourism Festival will take place on July 17 at the Mt. Qintcheng-Dujiangyan Scenic Spot.


Lotus Show at People’s Park

The ongoing 2017 Summer Lotus Show at the People's Park displays over 6,000 pots of over 10 species of lotus.

2017-07-01 to 2017-08-20

Panda Creative Parade

The 2017 Panda Creative Parade will be held on July 8 in northwest Chengdu’s Dujiangyan City.


5th Chengdu International Urban Modern Agricultural Expo

The 5th Chengdu International Urban Modern Agricultural Expo, opened at Chengdu Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center on June 30 and to last till July 3, have attracted over 1,300 exhibitors from home and abroad.

2017-06-30 to 2017-07-03

Blueberry Picking Tour

Bluberry, rich in nutrients, is currently becoming ripe and awaiting your plucking.

2017-05-30 to 2017-07-31

Sound Museum: Time, Place, and Social Interaction

Sound is a key to our memory. A lecture to be given by Colin will bring back and link your memory of the sounds fading away. Admission to the event is free for all participants.


2017 Chengdu International Furniture Fair

The 18th Chengdu International Furniture Fair will be staged on June 7-10 at Western China International Expo City and Chengdu Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center, with the presence of about 1,800 exhibitors from home and abroad.

2017-06-07 to 2017-06-10