THE ONE International Women’s Film Festival
2017.11.09 - 2017.11.16
Price starting from RMB45
Emei 1958 Cinema, Pacific Theater (Wangfujing Department Store), Stellar International Cineplex (Global Mall), Broadway Cinema (MIXC), and Palace Cinema (Taikoo Li)
THE ONE International Women's Film Festival, the first one of its kind in China, is underway in Chengdu. It consists of screening of woman-themed films, a conference on screenwriting of and investment in women's films, a support plan for short films by female directors, and an international women's filmmakers forum.
The most eye-catching part of the Festival, screening of woman-themed films, features the latest women's films showed worldwide since 2016 (incl. 20th Century Women, Hidden Figures, Julieta, Things to Come, Close-Knit, and The Party), review of the feminism in the movie history (incl. The Goddess, New Women, and Orlando), female biography films, tribute to female filmmakers, new movies on Chinese women, and female artists' image works.
During the event, more than 10 main creative teams will participate in a post-screening meeting with film fans in Chengdu. An international women filmmakers forum will be held to build a platform to support the development of women films and the creation of female filmmakers.