Panda Festival in Dujiangyan City
2015.09.25 - 2015.11.30
Dujiangyan City
The image of the chubby panda wins affection of people around the world, and a panda-themed event will make panda fans scream — so why not go to Dujiangyan City to get involved in a festival that will get you to a closer contact with the cute creature?
The opening ceremony of the 1st Panda Festival will be held on Sept. 25 at Dujiangyan Sports Center in Dujiangyan City in northwestern Chengdu. The festival will put on stage programs on the panda culture, public welfare activities, various shows, movies, interactive activities and a grand display of modern vision technologies.
Actually, The Panda Footprints — as the initial program of the festival — already kicked off on Aug. 31. The program will last till Sept. 25, with the participants having completed the journey that outlines a panda’s face on the map of China. The festival will close by the end of November.