48th Chengdu Panda Lanterns Show
2016.02.02 - 2016.03.20
Ticket C: RMB40, Monday-Thursday
Ticket B: RMB60, Friday-Sunday
Ticket A: RMB80, Feb.8-Feb.22
(The Festival will be suspended on Feb. 7.)
Yoho Farm, Sansheng Village
The 48th Chengdu Panda Lanterns Show will be held from Feb. 2 to Mar. 20 at the Yoho Farm of Sansheng Village in southeast Chengdu. The farm, adjacent to the Bailuwan Wetland Park and Zhonghe Town, is a modern urban ecological park and scientific & technological agriculture expo park which is the closest one of its kind to downtown Chengdu.
The event consists of 7 themed parts featuring panda, overseas cultures, traditional Chinese folk customs, food & amusement & performances, tulips & lanterns, festive lamps, and farming experience. Over 100 groups of large and medium sized lanterns and festive lamps will be installed in the venue. During the Show, visitors can enjoy colorful lanterns, delicious foods and wonderful performances. Some other activities, like a single party and games, can make the festival more interesting.