2018 Chengdu Temple Fair
2018.02.13 - 2018.03.04
Wuhou Shrine Museum, Jinli Street
The 2018 Chengdu Temple Fair will kick off at 19:45 on Feb 13, to bring visitors traditional events, including a show of lanterns, folk performances, a bazaar of handicrafts featuring local intangible cultural heritage, a fair of local food and snacks, and various recreational activities.
Worshiping the Gods of Happiness
A traditional ceremony to worship the Gods of Happiness (also known as Auspicious Gods) will be held on the first day of the Chinese New Year.
Worshiping the Gods of Happiness has a history of hundreds of years, which can be traced back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279). The Wuhou Shrine was built in memory of Zhuge Liang (181-234), Prime Minister and a great strategist of the Shu State (221-263) during the Three Kingdoms period (220-280) .
Together with Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei (161-223), founder of the Shu State, Guan Yu (?-219) and Zhang Fei (?-221), two top generals of the state, have been regarded as the Gods of Happiness since long time ago.
Good Wishes from Little Gods of Happiness
During the Fair, the Little Gods of Happiness acted by local children will affix the seal of the Gods of Happiness for visitors and present them with gifts in a small temporary space. They will also send blessings to visitors and give traditional cultural performances at the venue.
Lanterns & Riddles
Large grouped traditional lanterns and palace lamps will be put on show during the Fair. Guessing riddles, a traditional game, will offer a lot of fun to visitors.
300 performances including dance, acrobatics, Quyi (Chinese folk art forms, including ballad singing, story telling, comic dialogues, clapper talks, and cross talks, etc.), and so on.
Some other activities, including a Special Exhibition of Dogs and the Life of the Han and Jin Dynasties highlighting 100 culture relics of the Han (202BC-220) and Jin (265-420) dynasties, a New Year pictures exhibition, a Chinese painting exhibition, and a crabapple blossom show.
Opening hours
09:00-22:00 (Ticket sales are closed at 21:30, and the museum is closed at 22:00.)