EXPLORING MILAN: 100 Shoots from the Expo City and Its Surroundings
2015.12.27 - 2016.01.24
The Old Exhibition Hall of Blue Roof Museum
On the occasion of Milan Expo 2015, the Institute of Culture of the Italian Embassy in China presents a photographic exhibition “EXPLORING MILAN: 100 Shoots from the Expo City and Its Surroundings”, in collaboration with the Blue Roof Museum. The exhibits were taken by Italian artist Roberto Goffi, highlighting a journey through Milan and its surrounding areas and a thorough glance of the city.
Four different groups of images by Roberto Goffi will be displayed at the exhibition, including Milan the Ephemeral, Milan the Laborious, Milan the Secretive and Milan ancient roots.
The contemporary spirit of the Expo held in Milan is portrayed on the photos of the 1st section, which are printed on industrial paper and mounted on aluminum plates. The other sections about the cultural quintessence of Milan in different historical periods are printed on sensitized watercolor paper to accentuate their poetic aspects. Some of the works contain traces of pencil drawing and watercolor painting.