iStart Children’s Art Festival 2017
2017.08.19 - 2017.11.12
Luxe Lakes A4 Art Museum
The iStart Children's Art Festival 2017 to be held at Luxe Lakes A4 Art Museum on Aug. 19-Nov. 12 will open a wonderful and colorful art world to both children and adults. Various activities, including exhibitions, art shows, workshops and lectures, will be offered to visitors.
Theme Exhibition: The World between Children and Adults
In our real life, does there exist an intermediate state between the adult world and children's? People's efforts to seek the answer to the question spurred the birth of the theme exhibition The World Between Children and Adults, which showcases imaginative art works created by artists from home and abroad.
Exhibition: Children's World
The exhibits will showcase thousands of children's understandings about colors. Art and animation works created by children with autism and visual impairment will be showed at the venue. All the exhibits are imbued with children's abundant imaginations and special perceptions of the world.
Exhibition for Makoto Shinkai
The exhibition will display four animation works, The Place Promised in Our Early Days, 5 Centimeters Per Second, Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below, and The Garden of Words, created by famous Japanese animation director Makoto Shinkai.