Hard Candy:Exhibition of Works by Lyu Wenjing
2018.05.10 - 2018.06.10
PCID Space, Winshare Books (9 Square Shopping Mall, 88 Mid-section Fucheng Ave.)
An exhibition titled Hard Candy highlighting sculptures by female Chinese artist Lyu Wenjing will be held at PCID Space in Winshare Books.
The series of dolls, named Hard Candy and made by Lyu Wenjing, are artistic representations of such young girls with an innocent and good appearance free mind and uninhibited behavior, who always squint at the world with scorn. They are a representative of women in the modern age—beautiful but nonconformist, soft and sensitive emotionally but tough and bold behaviorally.
About Lyu Wenjing
The young artist, majoring in sculpture and graduating from LuXun Academy of Fine Arts, creates her works at her studio in Dandong, northeast China's Liaoning Province.