Lianpu in Sichuan Opera

In Sichuan Opera, different colors in the fic ...

Exhibition: Zhuge Liang in Calligraphy and Paintings

A calligraphy and painting exhibition titled ...

Dehua Porcelain Exhibition

The exhibition is currently underway at Sichu ...

Dance Drama on Tianfu Culture

A dance drama highlighting Chengdu’s Tianfu C ...

Quyi Performances about the Three Kindoms

36 Quyi shows featuring stories, legends and ...

Hard Candy:Exhibition of Works by Lyu Wenjing

An exhibition titled Hard Candy highlighting ...

Duo Exhibition by Martin Boyce & Chen Qiulin: Hanging Gardens & Peppermint

British artist Martin Boyce and Chinese artist Chen Qiulin, differing in art genres but both being adept at depicting details, will showcase their works at the LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum.

2018-04-27 to 2018-07-29

2nd Sichuan Youth Oil Painting Exhibition

The 2nd Sichuan Youth Oil Painting Exhibition, which is on-going at Sichuan Art Museum.

2018-04-18 to 2018-04-29

2018 Chengdu Poetry & Music Festival

The ongoing 2018 Chengdu Poetry & Music Festival features a symphonic poem concert, a painting and calligraphy exhibition and a theme lecture session, etc.

2018-04-12 to 2018-06-18

Drama: 24 Musicians and Dancers

A concept drama featuring Chinese traditional music and dance will be staged at Jincheng Art Palace on the evening of April 13.


Oriental Ebony Wood Art Festival

An art festival featuring ebony wood artworks is underway at the Chengdu Wumu Art Museum at Zhongxing Town, northwest Chengdu’s Dujiangyan City.

2018-04-06 to 2018-05-06

Biennial of Paintings & Calligraphy Works by Native Sichuan Artists

A biennial exhibition of paintings and calligraphy works by native Sichuan artists is underway at the Sichuan Art Museum.

2018-03-27 to 2018-04-03

Exhibition on He Duoling’s Architectural Design

The exhibition on He Duoling’s architectural design to open on Mar. 24 will showcase pictures of the buildings and structures designed by He, and his original design manuscripts and architectural models.

2018-03-24 to 2018-04-24

1st Sichuan Rural Art Exhibition

The ongoing 1st Sichuan Rural Art Exhibition at the Hong Museum displays over 370 art works of different genres and types.

2018-01-28 to 2018-03-02

The Echo of Civilization: Ancient Treasures from Afghanistan

The Echo of Civilization: Ancient Treasures from Afghanistan will be staged at Chengdu Museum Feb. 1-May 6, to display 231 pieces/sets of cultural relics collected by the National Museum of Afghanistan.

2018-02-01 to 2018-05-06

Exhibition of Art Works by He Duoling and His Students

He Duoling is one of the most influential modern oil painters in China.

2018-01-12 to 2018-02-01

Exhibition of Chinese Paintings by Cen Xuegong

The ongoing exhibition of Chinese paintings created by Cen Xuegong (1917-2009), showcases more than 200 excellent works and sketches created in different periods during his life time.

2018-01-14 to 2018-01-20

Excellent Works of Art Exhibition

An exhibition to showcase over 50 selected calligraphic works and paintings will be held at Jinjiang Hotel.

2018-01-12 to 2018-01-14

Chengdu Art Academy Annual Art Exhibition 2018

The Chengdu Art Academy Annual Art Exhibition 2018 will be held Jan. 20 - Mar. 4, to showcase over 60 works of different styles and characters by 59 domestic painters.

2018-01-20 to 2018-03-04

2017 Xu Liaoyuan Art Exhibition

The 2017 Xu Liaoyuan Art Exhibition, now held at XLY MOMA, puts on display art works including oil paintings, installations, sculptures and so on created by Xu in the recent one year.

2017-12-16 to 2018-03-30