2018 Chengdu Poetry & Music Festival

The ongoing 2018 Chengdu Poetry & Music Festi ...

Drama: 24 Musicians and Dancers

A concept drama featuring Chinese traditional ...

Oriental Ebony Wood Art Festival

An art festival featuring ebony wood artworks ...

Go Outing at Qingming

How to spend the three-day Qingming holiday? ...

2018 China·Dujiangyan Water-releasing Festival

The 2018 China·Dujiangyan Water-releasing Fes ...

Biennial of Paintings & Calligraphy Works by Native Sichuan Artists

A biennial exhibition of paintings and callig ...

54th Chengdu Flower Fair

The 54th Chengdu Flower Fair is underway at the Chengdu Culture Park, showcasing over 80,000 pots/plants of flowers of more than 30 species.

2018-03-17 to 2018-04-15

Exhibition on He Duoling’s Architectural Design

The exhibition on He Duoling’s architectural design to open on Mar. 24 will showcase pictures of the buildings and structures designed by He, and his original design manuscripts and architectural models.

2018-03-24 to 2018-04-24

8th Chengdu Tea-leaf Picking Festival

It is the right time to pick the most tender tea buds and leaves.

2018-03-18 to 2018-05-15

98th China Food and Drinks Fair

The 98th China Food and Drinks Fair will take place on March 22-24 at the Western China International Expo Center.

2018-03-22 to 2018-03-24

Appreciating Peach Blossom

It is time to view peach blossoms on warm spring days.

2018-03-09 to 2018-05-15

Spring Flower Show at Chengdu Botanical Garden

At the ongoing spring flower show staged at the Chengdu Botanical Garden, around 600,000 fresh flowers and plants of various species in an area of about 130,000 m2 are blooming.

2018-03-02 to 2018-04-07

2018 Chengdu Panda Marathon

The 2018 Chengdu Panda Marathon will take place at 08:30 on March 18 in northwest Chengdu's Dujiangyan City.


Go Skiing at Xiling Snow Mountain on Women’s Day

To celebrate the Women’s Day on Mar. 8, the Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Spot is giving female visitors a special offer.

2018-03-03 to 2018-03-11

Appreciating Apricot Blossoms

It is time to appreciate flowering apricot trees in warm spring days during the ongoing 11th Apricot Blossoms Eco-tourism Festival at the Xinghua Village, Fuhong Town of Qingbaijiang District.

2018-03-25 to 2018-06-25

Happy Lantern Festival in Chengdu

The atmosphere of Spring Festival is still around us, and lots of folk-custom activities are awaiting you in Chengdu.

2018-02-10 to 2018-03-10

Chinese Ancient Eaves Tiles Exhibition

The ongoing Chinese Ancient Eaves Tiles Exhibition at Chengdu Yongling Museum displays over 300 selected Chinese ancient eaves tiles.

2018-02-13 to 2018-03-04

2018 Chengdu Jinsha Sun Festival

The 2018 Chengdu Jinsha Sun Festival opened on Feb. 13 at Jinsha Site Museum.

2018-02-13 to 2018-03-04

9th Du Fu Culture Festival

During the 9th Du Fu Culture Festival being staged at the Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage Museum, visitors can find fun activities.

2018-02-11 to 2018-03-04

2018 Chengdu Temple Fair

The 2018 Chengdu Temple Fair will kick off at 19:45 on Jan 23, to bring visitors traditional events.

2018-02-13 to 2018-03-04

2018 Chengdu International Panda Lantern Festival

The 2018 Chengdu International Panda Lantern Festival will take place at the Yoho Farm of Sansheng Village in southeastern Chengdu.

2018-02-10 to 2018-03-10

1st Sichuan Rural Art Exhibition

The ongoing 1st Sichuan Rural Art Exhibition at the Hong Museum displays over 370 art works of different genres and types.

2018-01-28 to 2018-03-02

The Echo of Civilization: Ancient Treasures from Afghanistan

The Echo of Civilization: Ancient Treasures from Afghanistan will be staged at Chengdu Museum Feb. 1-May 6, to display 231 pieces/sets of cultural relics collected by the National Museum of Afghanistan.

2018-02-01 to 2018-05-06

Eat Laba Rice Porridge in Wenshu Monastery

According to the Chinese tradition, people should eat Laba rice porridge (mainly made up of many kinds of rice, beans, peanuts, dried fruit, and lotus seeds, etc.) on the Laba Rice Porridge Festival.

2018-01-20 to 2018-01-25

Exhibition of Art Works by He Duoling and His Students

He Duoling is one of the most influential modern oil painters in China.

2018-01-12 to 2018-02-01