Roman Signer: Video & Film

The exhibition Roman Signer: Video & Film to ...

Exhibition for Art Works by Han Tianheng and His Students

An exhibition showcasing the beauty of callig ...

2018 Tianfu Hibiscus Flowers Show

The 2018 Tianfu Hibiscus Flowers Show is bein ...

Exhibition of Traditional Shu Embroidery Artworks

An exhibition of traditional Shu embroidery a ...

2018 ITTF Women’s World Cup

The 2016 ITTF Women's World Cup will take pla ...

Chengdu Marathon 2018

The Chengdu Marathon 2018 will take place at ...

ATP World Tour 250 Chengdu Open

The ATP World Tour 250 Chengdu Open will take place from Sept. 22 to 30 at the Sichuan International Tennis Center in Shuangliu District, Chengdu.

2018-09-22 to 2018-09-30

Sichuan Mooncake Culture Festival

The 18th China Sichuan Mooncake Culture Festival & Mid-Autumn Food Expo opened Sept. 14 and will last till Sept. 24 at the Chengdu Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center.

2018-09-14 to 2018-09-24

Tianfu Old Town International Art Festival 2018

The Tianfu Old Town International Art Festival 2018 is underway at the Anren Ancient Town, west Chengdu's Dayi County.

2018-09-07 to 2018-12-07

World DanceSport Festival 2018

The World DanceSport Festival 2018 is to take place Sept. 8-9 at Feilong Gymnasium in northwestern Chengdu's Dujiangyan City.

2018-09-08 to 2018-09-09

Gold Ware Exhibition at Jinsha Site Museum

An exhibition to be held at the Chengdu Jinsha will highlight over 350 pieces/sets of gold ware of the pre-Qin period (21st century BC-221 BC) to the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368).

2018-09-21 to 2018-10-21

Chengdu Motor Show 2018

The Chengdu Motor Show 2018 will take place Aug. 31-Sept. 9 at Chengdu Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center.

2018-08-31 to 2018-09-09

Exhibition for Wood Carving Statues of Qing Dynasty in Sichuan

The exhibition for wood carving statues of the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912) in Sichuan is underway at Chengdu Museum.

2018-08-14 to 2018-09-05

4th iSTART Children’s Art Festival

The 4th iSTART Children's Art Festival to open on Aug. 18 at LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum includes two major exhibitions, Sanatorium of Childhood and Little Bang, and other theme activities.

2018-08-18 to 2018-10-13

Mike Shinoda: Post Traumatic Tour Chengdu

Mike Shinoda, the vocalist of American rock band Linkin Park, will stage his "Post Traumatic Tour" in Chengdu on Aug. 16.


Global Music Tour - Steve Barakatt

Canadian pianist Steve Barakatt will give a concert on Aug. 10.


Exhibition of Chinese Paintings by Li Keran

An exhibition highlighting Li Keran's works will open on Aug. 9 at the art gallery inside the Chengdu Wuhou Shrine.

2018-08-09 to 2018-09-02