Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition

The ongoing Looking back on Dongpo's Cultural ...

2017 Chengdu Jinsha Sun Festival

The 2017 Chengdu Jinsha Sun Festival to kick ...

Experience Mysterious Ancient Egyptian Culture

An exhibition titled Ancient Egypt: World of ...

Dimension of Art

The ongoing Dimension of Art 2017 Academic No ...

2017 Donghu Arts Festival

The ongoing 3rd Donghu Arts Festival, to last ...

Get Free Laba Rice Porridge in Wenshu Monastery

The Laba Rice Porridge Festival is celebrated ...

Strawberry Picking Tour

It is a harvest season for strawberries planted in the science and technology base for agricultural startups at Majia Town of north Chengdu’s Xindu District.

2016-12-29 to 2017-03-05

Events during the New Year in Chengdu

If you are in the city during the 3-day New Year holiday, you can go to see and do the things below with your families and friends. Best wishes to you all.

2016-12-31 to 2017-01-02

Experience Hot Pot Culture in Chengdu

During the ongoing 2016 Chengdu Hot Pot Culture Month, about 1,000 restaurants of 200 hot pot brands across the city offer discounts to consumers.

2016-12-28 to 2017-01-15

Cultural Relics Exhibition at Yongling Museum

Four pieces of first-class national relics and nine three-class ones excavated from Yongling (also known as The Royal Tomb of Wang Jian) and collected by the Sichuan Museum are being displayed in the Yongling Museum.

2016-12-22 to 2017-02-20

21st Chinese New Year Shopping Festival in Sichuan

Go to the Shopping Festival and you can find what you want for the Spring Festival, the traditional Chinese New Year.

2017-01-10 to 2017-01-24

2017 Chengdu New Year Outdoor Concert

The Chengdu New Year Outdoor Concert season will bring best wishes to all.

2016-12-31 to 2017-01-02

Go to Jianyang for Mutton Soup

In wintertime, people in Chengdu like drinking mutton soup which can warm their stomachs and bodies. Delicious mutton dishes are also popular among them.

2016-12-21 to 2017-01-19

X-mas, Let’s Party!

A X-mas Party will be held at the Luxes’ Isalnd on December 23, 2016.


Enjoy Hot Spring

The 3rd Baoshan Ice, Snow & Hot Spring Carnival which is now taking place at Baoshan Village in northern Chengdu’s Pengzhou City.

2016-12-18 to 2017-02-28

Silkscreen Print Exhibition

An ongoing exhibition for Liu Bojun’s works at the Yongling Museum displays some Chinese ink paintings and prints by Liu.

2016-12-18 to 2017-01-05

Tango Show

Mora Godoy, the most prestigious dancer and choreographer of the Argentine Tango, will perform at Jincheng Art Palace Jan 6-7, 2017.

2017-01-06 to 2017-01-07

2016 New Year Concert

Chengdu Orchestra will stage a high-standard concert on Dec. 30 to celebrate the upcoming new year. Well-known domestic conductors and singers will be invited to join in the performance.


21st Chengdu Furnishing Expo

The ongoing 21st Chengdu Furnishing Expo (CDFE) in No.3 hall of the Chengdu Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center exhibits furniture, building materials, home appliances, furnishing materials and lamps, etc.

2016-12-09 to 2016-12-13

Exhibition of Oil Paintings by Russian Masters

The ongoing exhibition displays precious works by contemporary Russian masters of oil painting.

2016-12-02 to 2017-01-22

Visit Dunhuang Caves in Chengdu

A large exhibition featuring the Dunhuang art and cultural relics from the ancient Silk Road to be held at the Chengdu Museum on December 27th will showcase eight magnificent replicas of the Mogao Caves, murals, sculptures, and so on.

2016-12-27 to 2017-03-31

Chengdu International Tourism Expo 2016

The Chengdu International Tourism Expo 2016 will be held December 2-4 at the Chengdu Century City New International Convention & Exhibition Center, bring together 40 countries and regions across the world.

2016-12-02 to 2016-12-04

Chinese and Foreign Classical Vocal Music Concert

Six top young Chinese singers and one piano art director will put on a great show of Italian classic opera excerpts and Chinese classical vocal music works at the Chinese and Foreign Classical Vocal Music Concert.