“GoChengdu Chat Club Agreement”

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“Before browsing this website, please read the following terms and conditions carefully. Once you browse the GoChengdu Chat Club, you are deemed to have read, accepted and agreed to abide by the terms and conditions and unified management of The Chat Club, created and owned by, is a platform for users to share information, discuss topics and exchange views. respects users’ privacy and is committed to keeping users’ personal information confidential unless otherwise stipulated by laws, regulations and rules of the People’s Republic of China. However, any user shall abide by all applicable laws, regulations and rules of China. The posts and replies published on the Chat Club by users are just personal views of the users and have nothing to do with Any losses resulting from any negative impact caused by any users’ posts or replies shall be taken by the users themselves. will not assume any liability for any loss or damage of any kind, arising or caused by, whether direct or indirect, the posts or replies. is entitled to delete any post which is not in agreement with the above-stated terms and conditions. 欢迎访问GoChengdu Chat Club,请您仔细阅读以下条款,进入GoChengdu Chat Club则意味着您将同意并遵守本协议下全部规定,并完全接受Go Chengdu Chat Club的统一管理。 GoChengdu Chat Club 是GoChengdu网站向用户提供的讨论、分享、交流平台。其所有权、管理权均属Go Chengdu网站所有。 凡是注册用户和浏览用户均为GoChengdu Chat Club用户(以下统称"用户")。GoChengdu网站尊重用户言论自由权利,但用户言论不得违反中国相关法律规定。 用户在Chat Club发表、回复的内容仅代表用户个人观点,与GoChengdu网站无关。由用户言论造成的责任或引起的影响,用户需自行承担,GoChengdu网站概不承担任何责任。Chengdu网站有权删除违反该协议的一切内容。 ”


“Introduce one Chengdu based Post-Rock band:Fayzz”

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“Stream Bandcamp Xiami Biography Imagine what it is like to combine the vibrant spirit of rock’n roll music with a swingy touch of jazz under sophisticated techniques, packing into a hand full of heart-striking, harmonic-rich melodies — and you will see Fayzz, they who have grasped the balance between creative experimentation and ear-pleasing euphony. Experienced listeners will be pleasantly surprised by the elements of post-rock, math-rock, chill-out, and even jazz-hop intertwined in their music, but feel free to put the musical jargons aside and allow your heart and soul to sink into a world encircled by swift drum beats, bright guitar picking, and rhythmic bass notes if you just want to have a unique as well memorable listening experience in the overabundant modern industry of music. Fayzz started off as a one-man project initiated by musician Fan Bin in 2009, slowly evolving into the current set up as new members Huang Yu (Bass), Mu Wang (Guitar), and Xiao Bo (Drums) joined in. The band might welcome new members in the future so as to explore the use of wind instruments and synthesizers, which have appeared in their music in quite a few instances. As a band of progressive artistry approach, Fayzz will not hesitate to explore new creative possibilities; listeners can expect that they further break away from limits defined by genres. Likewise, you are likely to discover through listening that it is difficult to phrase them within a set of boundaries, just as their music is likely to be the embodiment of freedom in expression, a way of relating to the outside world we all seek for. So be sure to listen, with a mind full of imagination and a heart full of appreciation, to this voice of youth. Fayzz is now cooperating with 1724 Records, which is currently celebrating its 11th birthday, in planning new releases, live events, and band merchandise. Related links weibo facebook”
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