Tianfu New Area

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The total planned area of the Tianfu New Area is 1578 km2, including 1293 km2 under the jurisdiction of Chengdu.
The total planned area of the Tianfu New Area is 1578 km2, including 1293 km2 under the jurisdiction of Chengdu. The New Area, with Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (South), Chengdu Economic & Technological Development Zone, Shuangliu Economic Development Zone, Pengshan Economic Development Zone, Renshou Shigao Economic Development Zone, and Longquan Lake, Sancha Lake and Longquan Mountain (referred to as "Two Lakes and One Mountain") as the main body, covers the Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (South), Longquanyi District, Shuangliu County, Xinjin County, Jianyang City under Ziyang City, and Pengshan County and Renshou County under Meishan City, involving 3 cities, 7 counties (cities, districts) and 37 townships, towns and sub-district offices.
Adhering to the sustainable development concept of the city with intensive, connotative and green growth, the Tianfu New Area will be made into another "industrial Chengdu" by developing the high-end industries through internationalization and world-class orientation and planning the city with scenery of mountains and water. It endeavors to construct a new internationalized modern city suitable for work, business and living, where modern manufacturing industry dominates and clusters of high-end services boom, and to shape a demonstration zone integrating coordinated development of "modern industry, modern life and modern city landscape." The priority of the area is to develop the headquarter-based economy and circular economy, and to speed up the advancement of strategic new industries such as energy resources, new materials, energy conservation, biotechnology, and the new generation information technology and high-end equipment manufacturing.

Tianfu New Area Approved as State-level Development Zone

On October14, the official website of the Information Office, State Council, released a document issued by the State Council to approve to establish the Tianfu New Area.

Oct 17, 2014

Tianfu New Area’s Customs Approved to be Established

The Customs of Tianfu New Area under the administration of Chengdu Customs was recently approved to be established.

Nov 05, 2014

Sichuan Blueprints Future of Tianfu New Area

Sichuan vows to make Tianfu New Area a new economic powerhouse.

Nov 14, 2014

Eco-lake to Beautify New Area

The Xinglong Lake Ecological Area, a large ecological construction project in the newly approved national-level Tianfu New Area, is scheduled to open to the public next June.

Nov 25, 2014

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